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83 kilometers away from Lima, Marcachuasi is a place filled with mystery and perfect for supposed UFO sightingings. It is located 4000 meters above sea level in the village of San Pedro de Casta. Marcahuasi is a stone forest that has incredible humanoid and animal forms. Some say that Marcahuasi is a vestige of an ancient lost civilization; others, a work done by aliens; the most skeptical, however, categorize it as one of the most amazing forests of stones in the world. To visit the site, optimal physical condition is recommended because it is not so easy to climb the slope leading to the top of Marcahuasi. Appropriate equipment for camping is a must as temperatures drop at night to -5 ° C.

How to get there:
By public transport:

Option 1: In Av Paseo Colón in downtown Lima, take the bus that goes to Echenique Park in Chosica. The trip takes about 2 hours.
Option 2: In Javier Prado Avenue take the buses that go to Vitarte. Once in Vitarte get to the bus stop in front of the Puruchuco Metro and take another minibus to the Echenique Park in Chosica.

By shared taxi:
The best option is to take a bus or minivan taxi from:

  • Jr. Chota with Paseo Colón
  • Jr. Leticia with Abancay
  • Ex-Cine Orrantia
  • Oval de Santa Anita
  • One block from the square May 2 Colonial entering.

After reaching the Echenique Park in Chosica, ask where to take the buses to San Pedro De Casta which will take you to the final destination.

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