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Laraos Platforms


The platforms of Laraos are located in the province of Yauyos in the Nor Yauyos Cochas Landscape Reserve. It has an extension of 250 hectares and they are located more than 3000 meters of height. It is one of the most impressive samples of hydraulic engineering and agricultural development, reflected in its complicated platform production system. These are fed by a system of canals that comes from the flow of ponds and nearby springs. In the middle and lower part is planted maize, beans or fodder for the animals. The upper part is always watered with rainwater and the main crop is the native potato. They are considered a living culture since they have not been used since its creation in pre-Inca times. They are the best preserved in the whole country.

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  • andenerias-de-laraos
  • andenerias-de-laraos

How to get there?

  • 330 km from Lima.
    By the South Panamericana are approximately 322 kilometers to Huancaya. You must go by the Panamericana Sur, from Lima to Cañete (km 142); then take the detour to Lunahuaná (km 39). In the Km 266 is the diversion to the Province of Yauyos. Following the road laughed up, you will arrive at the detour to Laraos located in Llapay km. 292, then about 8 km. More reach our interesting destination.

  • Public transport:

    Take the bus "San Juan de Yauyos E.I.R.L".
    Address: Address: Terminal Molina - Yerbateros / Nicolas Ayllón Nº 1352 San Luis - Lima.

  • Take the "Bus Reyes S.A.G."
    Address: A. MA. Of Edgar Zúñiga Nº 116 - Urb. La Viña - San Luis.