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Chuchupasca Lagoon


The Nor Yauyos Cochas Landscape Preserve shows landscapes of great scenic beauty of beautiful lagoons, among them is the lagoon Chuchupasca. From the highest, you can see the whole valley, where stand out the cultivated plots bordered by hills full of greenery along with the Cañete River in the background. The waterfall between this one and Huallhua forms one of the most impressive shows that can be seen in Peru, however the only way to get there is in the boat that serves the fish farm and in Huallhua.

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How to get there?

  • Private car:

    By the Carretera Central: you travels in total 290 km until Huancaya. The first section passes by a constant ascent by the Central Highway, passing by Chosica, Matucana, San Mateo de Huanchor, Ticlio and La Oroya. Then take the road that goes to Huancayo to Pachacayllo, about 43 kilometers. Here begins the road up to Cochas, 27.5 km (4000 masl) and finally the stretch to Vilca, 27.5 km where it climbs up to approximately 4500 masl.

  • From the Panamericana Sur. They are approximately 322 kilometers to Huancaya. You must go by the Panamericana Sur, from Lima to Cañete (km 142); then take the detour to Lunahuaná (km 39). You will pass by the towns like Pacarán, Zúñiga, Catahuasi, Magdalena, Llapay, Tinco - Alis and Vitis until finally arriving at Huancaya (3554 msnm). The trip takes about 7 hours.

  • Public transport:

    Take the bus "San Juan de Yauyos E.I.R.L".
    Address: Address: Terminal Molina - Yerbateros / Nicolas Ayllón Nº 1352 San Luis - Lima.

  • Take the "Bus Reyes S.A.G."
    Address: A. MA. Of Edgar Zúñiga Nº 116 - Urb. La Viña - San Luis.