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Rupac is located in the district of Bajo Atavillos, province of Huaral, at 3400 meters above sea level approximately eight hours by car from the city of Lima. Also known as the Limean Machu Picchu, Rúpac is a perfectly preserved archaeological complex. In order to reach the archaeological complex, one has to hike about 3 hours which makes the visit a perfect combination of archeology, nature and trekking. While in Rupac look at the sky because condors are known to fly over the valley. As there are no hotels in this area, local families host visitors in their homes. Camping is another option and guided services are available.

How to get there?
Located in the Rimac district, the Zbuss station has transportion going to Huaral and vecinity. The ticket costs S/. 8 soles and buses leave every 20 minutes and the journey to Huaral lasts around 2 hours. Once in Huaral, go to the car terminal where vehicles depart towards the village of Pampas. Once in Pampas, take the 3 hour trail to Rupac.

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